Principal Investigator

Hussein Hoteit

Associate Professor​
Physical Science and Engineering Division
Energy Resources and Petroleum Engineering (ERPE)

Research Interests: Numerical analysis, Fluid mechanics

Research Scientists

Mouadh Addassi, Ph.D.

Research Scientist

Research Interests: CO2 sequestration, Mineral characterization, Carbon Mineralization, Reactive transport modeling

Postdoctoral Fellows

Yiteng Li

Post-doctoral fellow

Research Interests: Digital Rock Physics, Reservoir simulation, High Performance Computing (CPU/GPU), Deep learning

Xiang Rao

Post-doctoral fellow

Research Interests: Reservoir Numerical Simulation, fractured reservoirs, Numerical Method, Meshless Method

Muhammad Ali, Ph.D.

Postdoctoral Fellow - Hoteit Group

Research Interests: Gas Geo-storage (H2 and CO2), Enhanced Oil and Gas Recovery, Multi-phase Flow Through Porous Media, Wettability and Interfacial Phenomena, Unconventionals (Gas hydrates, Coal, Shale), Nanomaterials, Drilling Fluid Rheology, Reservoir Characterization

PhD Students

Lingai GUO

Ph.D. student

Research Interests: Hydro-mechanical process, numerical modeling, mixed finite element method, non-conforming method, hydraulic fracturing

Zhen Zhang

PhD -ERPE Program

Research Interests: Reservoir simulation, CRM, Enhanced oil recovery

Abdulwahab Alqahtani

Ph.D. Student

Research Interests: Enhanced oil recovery, AI

Abdullah Al Omier

PhD student – Chemical Engineering (CE) Program

Research Interests: enhanced gas recovery, gas condensate dropout, phase change behavior, molecular diffusion modeling, EOS, Multiphase flow in porous media, microfluidics

Feras Rowaihy

PhD student

Research Interests: CCS, CCUS, Energy Resources, Energy Sustainability, CO2 Atlas Sustainability, CO2 Source to Sink Matching

Abdirizak Omar

Ph.D. Student -ERPE Program

Research Interests: CO2 storage, Reactive transport modeling, CO2 EOR

Miguel Corrales

Ph.D. Student -ERPE Program

Research Interests: Reservoir Engineering, Reservoir simulation, CO2 sequestration

Amer Alanazi

Ph.D. Student -ERPE Program

Research Interests: Chemical enhanced oil recovery, CO2 EOR, Micromodels, Core flooding experiments, Reservoir & Simulation modelling

Jamal AlAamri

PhD Student - ERPE program

Research Interests: Formation damage, Stimulation, Organic and inorganic oilfield scale, Chemical enhanced oil recovery

Hussain Aldaif

Ph.D. Student - ERPE Program​​

Research Interests: CO2 injection, Enhanced oil recovery, Tight reservoirs, fractured reservoirs, streamline, CRM

Evgeny Ugolkov

MS Student -ERPE Program

Research Interests: Reservoir Engineering

Mutaz Alsubhi

PhD Student - ERPE Program- Hoteit Group

Research Interests: Reservoir Engineering, Enhanced oil recovery

Enoc Basilio

PhD student, ERPE -program

Research Interests: Multiphase flow in porous media, Experimental design, Improved oil recovery, Carbon capture and sequestration, Geothermal energy

Masters Students

Mauricio Lozano

MS/PhD Student in Energy Resources and Petroleum Engineering

Research Interests: Reservoir modeling, Enhanced oil recovery, Energy Transition, CO2 storage

Simon Zougheib

MS/PhD Student

Research Interests: Reservoir & Simulation modelling, Predicting & Enhancing Production, IOR/EOR

Martin Hoecherl

MS Student

Research Interests: Dilational Interfacial Rheology under elevated pressure, supercritical CO2, material properties under process conditions, in-situ foam stability

Ali Alhubail

​MS Student - ERPE - Hoteit Group

Research Interests: Production Engineering, Production Optimization, Well Completion, High power laser, EM Waves-Rock Interaction, Unconventional Stimulation Techniques

Mohamed Al-Saikhan

MS Student -ERPE Program

Research Interests: Production & Process Optimization, Production Facilities Development, Surface Technologies

Visiting Faculty

Eric Oelkers

Visiting Professor - Professor of Geochemistry

Research Interests: Carbon Storage, Experimental Geochemistry, Mineral Reactivity, Mineral-Fluid Interactions, Reactive Transport Modelling