Principal Investigator

Hussein Hoteit

Associate Professor​
Physical Science and Engineering Division
Energy Resources and Petroleum Engineering (ERPE)

Research Interests: Numerical analysis, Fluid mechanics

Research Scientists

Mouadh Addassi, Ph.D.

Research Scientist

Research Interests: CO2 sequestration, Mineral characterization, Carbon Mineralization, Reactive transport modeling

Postdoctoral Fellows

Narendra Kumar Rawat

Post-doctoral fellow

Research Interests: Enhanced oil recovery, CO2 Geo-sequestration, Interfacial phenomenon (Surfactants, Polymers, Nanoparticles), Flow through Porous Media

Yiteng Li

Post-doctoral fellow

Research Interests: Digital Rock Physics, Reservoir simulation, High Performance Computing (CPU/GPU), Deep learning

Muhammad Ali, Ph.D.

Postdoctoral Fellow - Hoteit Group

Research Interests: Gas Geo-storage (H2 and CO2), Enhanced Oil and Gas Recovery, Multi-phase Flow Through Porous Media, Wettability and Interfacial Phenomena, Unconventionals (Gas hydrates, Coal, Shale), Nanomaterials, Drilling Fluid Rheology, Reservoir Characterization

PhD Students

Marwan Almulhim

PhD Student

Norah Aljeban

PhD Student


PhD student

Research Interests: Carbon capture and Storage, CCS, Enhanced oil recovery, EOR, Simulation, Experimental design

Lingai GUO

Ph.D. student

Research Interests: Hydro-mechanical process, numerical modeling, mixed finite element method, non-conforming method, hydraulic fracturing

Abdulwahab Alqahtani

Ph.D. Student

Research Interests: Enhanced oil recovery, AI

Abdullah Al Omier

PhD student – Chemical Engineering (CE) Program

Research Interests: enhanced gas recovery, gas condensate dropout, phase change behavior, molecular diffusion modeling, EOS, Multiphase flow in porous media, microfluidics

Feras Rowaihy

PhD student

Research Interests: CCS, CCUS, Energy Resources, Energy Sustainability, CO2 Atlas Sustainability, CO2 Source to Sink Matching

Abdirizak Omar

Ph.D. Student -ERPE Program

Research Interests: CO2 storage, Reactive transport modeling, CO2 EOR

Miguel Corrales

Ph.D. Student -ERPE Program

Research Interests: Reservoir Engineering, Reservoir simulation, CO2 sequestration

Amer Alanazi

Ph.D. Student -ERPE Program

Research Interests: Chemical enhanced oil recovery, CO2 EOR, Micromodels, Core flooding experiments, Reservoir & Simulation modelling

Hussain Aldaif

Ph.D. Student - ERPE Program​​

Research Interests: CO2 injection, Enhanced oil recovery, Tight reservoirs, fractured reservoirs, streamline, CRM

Evgeny Ugolkov

MS Student -ERPE Program

Research Interests: Reservoir Engineering

Mutaz Alsubhi

PhD Student - ERPE Program- Hoteit Group

Research Interests: Reservoir Engineering, Enhanced oil recovery

Enoc Basilio

PhD student, ERPE -program

Research Interests: Multiphase flow in porous media, Experimental design, Improved oil recovery, Carbon capture and sequestration, Geothermal energy

Masters Students

Mariia Solodiankina

Master Student

Research Interests: Modeling, Enhanced oil recovery, Reservoir Engineering

Mauricio Lozano

MS/PhD Student in Energy Resources and Petroleum Engineering

Research Interests: Reservoir modeling, Enhanced oil recovery, Energy Transition, CO2 storage

Simon Zougheib

MS/PhD Student

Research Interests: Reservoir & Simulation modelling, Predicting & Enhancing Production, IOR/EOR

Martin Hoecherl

MS Student

Research Interests: Dilational Interfacial Rheology under elevated pressure, supercritical CO2, material properties under process conditions, in-situ foam stability

Ali Alhubail

​MS Student - ERPE - Hoteit Group

Research Interests: Production Engineering, Production Optimization, Well Completion, High power laser, EM Waves-Rock Interaction, Unconventional Stimulation Techniques

Visiting Faculty

Eric Oelkers

Visiting Professor - Professor of Geochemistry

Research Interests: Carbon Storage, Experimental Geochemistry, Mineral Reactivity, Mineral-Fluid Interactions, Reactive Transport Modelling