Enoc Basilio

PhD Students

PhD student, ERPE -program


Research Interests

Enoc Basilio is interested in finding geo-solutions to today’s energy challenges. He has conducted research in different areas such as modeling multi-phase flow for gas condensate reservoirs, modeling phase behavior of microemulsions, laboratory-based study of foamy oil flow in extra heavy oil reservoirs, and nuclear magnetic resonance of organic perovskites.

Selected Publications

●  Phase Evolution in Methylammonium Tin Halide Perovskites with Variable Temperature Solid-State 119Sn NMR Spectroscopy

Ha, M., Karmakar, A., Bernard, G., Basilio, E., Krishnamurthy, A., Askar, A., Shankar, K., Kroeker, S., and Michaelis, V.

The Journal of Physical Chemistry (2020).

●   Testing the Injection of Air with Methane as a New Approach to Reduce the Cost of Cold Heavy Oil Recovery: An Experimental Analysis to Determine Optimal Application Conditions

Basilio, E. and Babadagli, T.

Fuel (2020).

●  Mechanics of Foamy Oil during Methane-Based Cyclic Solvent Injection Process for Enhanced Heavy Oil Recovery: A Comprehensive Review

Basilio, E. and Babadagli, T.

SPE Reservoir Evaluation & Engineering (2020).

●  Use of Air with Methane in Cyclic Solvent Injection Applications for Improved Foam Stability and Cost-Effective Heavy Oil Recovery

Basilio, E. and Babadagli, T.

Energy & Fuels (2019).

●  A Predictive Equation-of-State for Modeling Microemulsion Phase Behavior with Phase Partitioning of Co-Solvent

Basilio, E., Mu, B., Jin, L., and Jamili, A.

SPE International Conference on Oilfield Chemistry (2017).

●  Negligible Forchheimer Effect for a Maximum Gas Flow Rate in a Gas Condensate Reservoir

Basilio, E. and Navarro, W.

Fuentes Journal of Petroleum Engineering (2016).

Improvement of the Management Process of Peruvian Petroleum Reserves

Basilio, E. and Yesquen, S.

16th International Petroleum Conference and Exhibition (2015).


  • M.Sc., Petroleum Engineering, University of Alberta, Canada, 2019
  • B.Sc., Petroleum & Natural Gas Engineering, Universidad Nacional de Ingenieria, Peru, 2017

Professional Profile

  • 2020 – 2021: Upstream Engineer, Perupetro, Lima, Peru
  • 2019 – 2020: Data Analyst, Hidrocarburos Consulting, Peru
  • 2018 – 2019: Research Engineer, Devon Energy, Canada
  • 2017 – 2018: Visiting Researcher, University of Alberta, Canada
  • 2016 – 2017: Research Intern, University of Oklahoma, United States

Scientific and Professional Membership

  • Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE)
  • American Association of Petroleum Geologists (AAPG)
  • American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE)
  • Project Management Institute (PMI)


  • Thesis-based master’s Recruitment Scholarship [University of Alberta – September 2017].
  • Graduate Studies Fellowship [Southern Copper Corporation Peru – August 2017].
  • University of Alberta Research Experience (UARE) Scholarship [January 2017].
  • Obtained the first-place prize in 4 different research competitions in both student and young professional                  categories in Peru, Bolivia, and Argentina [2015 – 2017].

KAUST Affiliations

  • Ali I. Al-Naimi Petroleum Engineering Research Center (ANPERC)
  • Physical Science and Engineering Division (PSE)

Research Interests Keywords

Multiphase flow in porous media Experimental design Improved oil recovery Carbon capture and sequestration Geothermal energy