Hussain Aldaif

PhD Students

Ph.D. Student - ERPE Program​​


Research Interests

Enhanced oil recovery methods especially CO2 injection in tight and fractured reservoirs. 

Selected Publications

An Overview of Steam Injection Projects in Fractured Carbonate Reservoirs in the Middle East

Al Yousef, Z., AlDaif, H., and Al Otaibi

Journal of Petroleum Science Research (JPSR) Volume 3 Issue 3, July 2014.



  • B.Sc, Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering, West Virginia University, Morgantown, WV, 2010
  • M.Sc Petroleum Engineering, Texas A&M University, College Station, TX, 2014

Professional Profile

  • 2010-2012: Reservoir Engineer, Saudi Aramco
  • 2014-2019: Reservoir Engineer, Saudi Aramco

Scientific and Professional Membership

Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE)


  • Saudi Aramco Scholarship (for B.Sc, M.Sc and PhD ) 
  • WVU President’s List Fall 2006 throughout Fall 2010 
  • Northern WV Section of the Society of Petroleum Engineers Outstanding Senior Award 
  • Prince Mohammed Award 2002, 2003 (High School) 

KAUST Affiliations

  • Ali I. Al-Naimi Petroleum Engineering Research Center (ANPERC)
  • Division of Physical Science and Engineering (PSE)

Research Interests Keywords

CO2 injection Enhanced oil recovery Tight reservoirs fractured reservoirs streamline CRM