Ghazanfer Raza Abbasi

Visiting/Intern student

Research Engineer, Edith Cowan University, Australia


Research Interests

Hydrogen storage as solid hydrates is regarded as safe method with increased energy density prospect, particularly when impacted by thermodynamic promoters. Hence, the focus is to investigate the hydrogen storage capacity. It is believed that our findings will build a starting base for future studies on developing hydrate-based hydrogen storage. 

Selected Publications

1.Effect of rock wettability on the electric resistivity of hydrate formations: an experimental investigation

GR Abbasi, A Al-Yaseri, FUR Awan, A Isah, A Keshavarz, S Iglauer

Energy & Fuels 35 (24), 20037-20045 (2021)


2. Influence of rock wettability on THF hydrate saturation and distribution in sandstones

GR Abbasi, A Al-Yaseri, A Isah, A Keshavarz, S Iglauer

The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 125 (31), 17323-17332 (2021)


3. Effects of cleaning process using toluene and acetone on water-wet-quartz/CO2 and oil-wet-quartz/CO2 wettability

A Al-Yaseri, GR Abbasi, N Yekeen, F Al-Shajalee, A Giwelli, Q Xie

Journal of Petroleum Science and Engineering 208, 109555 (2022)


4. Enhancing CO2 storage capacity and containment security of basaltic formation using silica nanofluids

A Al-Yaseri, M Ali, GR Abbasi, HR Abid, NK Jha

International Journal of Greenhouse Gas Control 112, 103516 (2021)


5. Influence of cryogenic liquid nitrogen cooling and thermal shocks on petro-physical and morphological characteristics of Eagle Ford shale

KR Memon, M Ali, FUR Awan, AA Mahesar, GR Abbasi, US Mohanty, ...

Journal of Natural Gas Science and Engineering 96, 104313 (2021)


6. Analysis of Mancos Shale gas production scenarios under various stress mechanisms

KR Memon, T Muther, GR Abbasi, AH Tunio, F Shah, AA Mahesar, ...

Arabian Journal of Geosciences 14 (18), 1-11 (2021)


7.Enhanced oil recovery by hydrophilic silica nanofluid: Experimental evaluation of the impact of parameters and mechanisms on recovery potential

TA Chandio, MA Manan, KR Memon, G Abbas, GR Abbasi

Energies 14 (18), 5767 (2021)


Ph.D., Petroleum Engineering (on-going), Edith Cowan University, Perth, Australia, 2022

Masters in Oil and Natural Gas Engineering, China University of Geoscience, Wuhan, China, 2015

Bachelor’s in Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering, Mehran UET, Jamshoro, Pakistan, 2013

Professional Profile

2018-2022: Ph.D. scholar, Edith Cowan University, Perth, Australia

2015-2022: Lecturer, Dawood UET, Karachi, Pakistan

2013-2015: Research Assistant, China University of Geoscience, Wuhan, China

Scientific and Professional Membership

Society of Petroleum Engineering

Pakistan Engineering Council


ECU-HEC joint scholarship

Chinese Scholarship Council

KAUST Affiliations

Ali I. Al-Naimi Petroleum Engineering Research Center (ANPERC)

Physical Science and Engineering Division (PSE)