Professor Hoteit at AIEC 2018

05 March, 2018

About AIEC: Ajman 5th International Environment Conference-AIEC 2018 will be centered around the subject of Climate Challenge Challenges and Adaption. All three levels of government in UAE (federal, provincial and municipal) have completed or are nearing completion of Climate Change Action Plans that provide roadmaps for the country to meet its Paris Accord commitments. Climate change is the most complex issue facing our planet today. Many dimensions such as science, economics, society, politics are involved and cause a global problem, felt on local, regional and global scales, that will last for decades to come. Despite if we stopped emitting all greenhouse gases today, global warming and climate change will continue to affect our future generations. In this way, humanity should be committed to some level of climate change and the UN successfully reach to a global treaty in COP21 in Paris followed by Cop22 in Marrakesh to mitigate and adapt the climate change impact on the planet.